These Terms and Conditions aply for all events organized and held by the association „Vienna Waltz Gala –Verein zur Förderung des Netzwerks von nationalen und internationalen UnternehmerInnen“.

Registration and Booking

To take part in an event you have to fill in the online registration form. You must use bank transfer as payment method. The registration will be completed with the payment of the full fee of the event. The time of the receipt of payment at the association „Vienna Waltz Gala“ will determine the order of the registration. A confirmation of the registration must be shown at the event on request.

Event Fee

The event fee is shown on the website You only pay for the events you register for.

Terms of cancelation

Any cancelation can only be processed via Doris Grussman at and is only valid with an affirmative answer. Up to 24.12.2017 no cancelation fee will be charged. In all other cases no rufund are possible.

Due to Austrian Law (Fernabsatzgesetz) the registration is rescissible within 7 workdays (excluding saturdays) after the initial registration. Only the dispacht of the rescission has to be within this timelimit. The rescission is not possible, if the event starts whithin these 7 workingdays. If the rules of the Austrian Fernabsatzgesetz are not applicable the terms of cancelation in the passage above are valid.

Number of participants

The Association „Vienna Waltz Gala“ has the unlimited right to postpone or cancle the event or any part of the event.

Event Cancelation and Refunds

In the event of cancelation of the event or parts of it (e.g. due to not enough participants) the association will contact the participants via Email, Text Message or Phone, if this contanct information has been provided by the participants.

Public Liability

The Association „Vienna Waltz Gala –Verein zur Förderung des Netzwerks von nationalen und internationalen UnternehmerInnen“ can not be held responsible for the loss of clothing, objects of value, bikes etc. Furthermore the Assiciation must not be hold liable in case of an accident or other harm to or caused by participant.